a few photos of me, my adorable husband, and our adventures:

behind the pines
(how it all started)

I’ve always been inspired by the great outdoors, national parks, and naturalists like John Muir who penned one of my favorite quotes: “Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world”.

The pine tree stands tall and steadfast through the seasons, its evergreen leaves outlasting even the harshest of winters. The forest grows and thrives, through decay and rebirth, with deep intertwining roots and a symbiosis that allows it to endure. It’s a lot like marriage, committing your life to another – and the new world you step into when you do.

After I graduated college, my love Will and I took a road trip around the US. 50 days, 12,000 miles, 25 states, 21 national parks, 122 degree heat, and 1 EPIC proposal at the Grand Canyon. Thus begun Between Two Pines, originally a travel blog and home for my road trip photos. That fire ran wild, and now it’s grown into the adventurous photography brand it is today – and now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

between two pines: our values

authenticity & empowerment

feeling free to be your most authentic self
being mindful & living in the moment
recognizing your innate value & inner beauty

relationships & compassion

fostering real, heartfelt connections with my couples & caring for them deeply
valuing service & love over all else

love & respect for the great outdoors

practicing leave-no-trace & keeping our planet beautiful
eco-friendly & environmentally conscious decision-making
love & respect for the world & its inhabitants

adventure & courage

courage to take the path less traveled
trying new things & having eye-opening experiences
growing & learning together through the conquering of challenges

non-discrimination & diversity

service to all, regardless of race, sexuality, or otherwise!
celebrating love & humanity in all its wonderful diverse forms