hi there, I'm Louise!

photographer + filmmaker
storyteller + adventurer

these are a few

of my favorite things

• really tall trees
• road trips
• burritos
• board games
• craft cideries
• Halloween
• my rockstar husband, Will

little moments & big adventures

I’m drawn to little passing moments, big adventures, and the real shit. Pancakes in PJs on a Sunday morning, then doing dishes together. A kiss on the forehead as a routine greeting. Stupid puns, eye rolls, belly laughs, tickle fights, or full conversations that are basically just random noises and screeches (wait, is that just me?). Lounging around, binging old episodes of the Office – or seeing a new place or trying something new together. I think there’s a kind of magic in these moments, even if some of them are ordinary and happen every day.

This is what love looks like – it’s made up of these beautiful, simple, magical moments and I want to be there to capture them for you.

what is between two pines?

Between Two Pines first took form years ago as a travel blog, where I documented and wrote about my adventures and road trips. Later, when I fell in love with photographing weddings and couples in love, I chose the name LouLo Photography – a play on my name, Louise Lopez. However, there was something about it that never felt quite right. Maybe it was the fact that it was hard to pronounce or spell, but I knew something else was missing. I knew it had to grow to make room for more than just me.

Between Two Pines is adventure. Appreciation and passion for life and love. Beauty and meaning in little moments, and big feelings. A love for the great outdoors, and a respect and appreciation for the magic of the natural world. Our wild side, our inner child, and our fearless love for one another. And I want to share these things with you.

my love

Will is my life partner, rockstar husband, travel buddy, and high school sweetheart. He asked me to marry him while we were standing atop the Grand Canyon, as my best friend serenaded us with her guitar. We married each other on Friday the 13th, October 2017 in the middle of the woods, and drove away in our 1986 VW bus.

Will’s an incredible musician, producer, and audio engineer, and the kindest, most generous person I know. He’s a huge part of my life and I owe so much to his support and love.

Louise's Journal