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I’m so against the idea of holding back trade secrets, like photography is some kind of exclusive club, only for those who’ve been in it for years. I’d much rather lift others up, and lift the industry up – like a rising tide.

The barrier to entry might be getting increasingly lower for us photographers, but a universal truth remains that the ones who focus wholly on their craft and constantly strive for greatness are the ones who will succeed. If you focus more on things like gear or Instagram likes, and less on the inner workings of your business, growing your skills, and educating yourself not just as a picture taker but a businessperson as well, you’ll fall into a trap that’s hard to pull yourself out of in this over-saturated market.

But an over-saturated market only means that demand is high for what we do – and it’s definitely possible to make a full-time career (or a part time one if that’s your cup of tea!) – and one that’s not only financially viable, but one of the most rewarding careers you can have.

So, whether you just picked up a camera and want to learn to use it, or you’re looking to make the jump from a hobby or a part-time hustle to a full-time career doing what you love, or you’re an experienced professional looking to grow your business and clarify your branding message and marketing plan, a one-on-one workshop with me is a great way to improve your skills, gain clarity on your goals, and get personalized guidance on how to achieve them.

This isn’t some pre-designed course going over questions you aren’t asking, or some template workshop that maybe doesn’t fit your needs exactly. With this private workshop, you’ll get two hours with me (in person or over video chat!) to work on whatever you need to work on, and materials to set yourself up for success in the long term.

We’ll go over your biggest struggles and pain points, whether it’s marketing, editing, writing emails, or even something as big and as simple as not believing in yourself enough to be able to push yourself to the next step.

Soaking up all the knowledge that YouTube or business books have to offer is a fine way to learn, but having a mentor is so much more – a living resource and a sounding board to answer your specific questions and help you achieve your specific goals for your business.


PHOTOGRAPHY We can go out with our cameras and practice shooting – we’ll talk camera settings, equipment, photo composition, posing, light, and so on, with or without models/portrait subjects.
VIDEOGRAPHY We’ll cover topics like camera settings for video and how to get great footage, methods for creative storytelling through film, and post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro.
POSING COUPLES Instead of all that smile-look-at-the-camera stuff, I’m all about candid moments that show real love. We’ll go out on a shoot with a real couple (not models), and we’ll workshop how to “pose” couples without posing them – giving prompts and encouraging play, all while making them feel comfortable and relaxed.
EDITING Lightroom, Photoshop, color, style, and what the heck all those sliders even do. I’ll show you ways to help speed up your editing while retaining a stylized look and feel for each photo.
PORTFOLIO I’ll review your portfolio and critique your images, giving you input on your technique, style, and consistency, as well as illuminating your strengths and weaknesses.
WORKFLOWS Templates, back-end processes, emails, CRMs, and other resources that can save you time so you can focus on what’s important. If you’re lost and trying to keep your head afloat with the work you do have, or just confused about how to manage your clients in general, this is a topic for you.
MARKETING Is your inbox just crickets, or are you just not getting the amount of leads or quality of clients you want? We’ll sit down to go over your goals and your marketing/business plan, or refine what you’ve got already. I’ll look through your website and social media and give you helpful insight on your branding and your voice. We’ll talk social media, Facebook advertising, calls to action, sales funnels/lead magnets, how to encourage word of mouth referrals, and much more. We’ll talk about ideal clients and sales goals and make sure what you’re doing in your business is in an attempt to bring you closer to those goals.
CREATIVITY & CONFIDENCE Maybe you’re in a rut and just can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing, or you just keep scrolling on Instagram and seeing all of the amazing photos from other photographers and it’s getting you down. We’ll sit down and talk about what it means to be an artist, ways to let go of comparison and foster confidence and appreciation for yourself as an artist, and how to infuse a creative sense and playful experimentation back into your photography and renew your energy and love for what you do. Big picture stuff.
A LITTLE O’ EVERYTHING We can sit a coffee shop and you can literally just ask me a bunch of questions about any of these topics or more if you’re overwhelmed and need some clarity.

Or we could do some combination of these things – this is your time!

and I promise to hold nothing back.

Secure your private two-hour workshop here, and I’ll be in touch ASAP to set up a time – usually at least a few days or a week out so I can make preparations. I’ll also send you a questionnaire worksheet to get a better idea of where you are in your business and your photography, what kinds of struggles you’re dealing with, what you’d like to accomplish in your workshop, and your goals for the future.

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